Spike Owen 1984 Topps CardSpike
Spike Owen and the Red Sox 1 out from victory
   While at the University of Texas I became a fan of UT shortstop Spike Owen and followed his career in the pros. The one thing my friends and I noticed about Spike is that he always played better once his uniform was dirty. Once Spike had done his first head-first slide and was covered with infield dirt he seemed to run faster. Mostly we noticed that he always played hard and enjoyed the game.

   Spike was never a major star, but Mark Langston described his as one of the best teammates in baseball. I wouldn't name my dog after just anyone.

   I own what I believe to be the only autographed Spike Owen Cleveland Indians cap. There was a rumour that he was going to be traded to the Indians and we were doing a baseball card show for Austin little leaguers so I got him to sign the cap and date it (11-20-88). Somewhere I have several thousand Spike Owen cards from the 1980s. If he becomes govenor (stranger things have happened in Texas) or president I will be able to retire.

   When I last saw Spike he was a coach with the Round Rock Express.

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