Berkley Breathed
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   Shortly after I arrived at the University of Texas I discovered a comic strip in The Daily Texas (UT's student paper) called "Academia Waltz. While the early strips were a little rough, they were a perfect picture of life at UT.

There are some people whose work follows you through your life. Breathed has always made me laugh.

What made me laugh in 1978: One of Breathed's earliest strips reflects upon the behavior of the American male.

A Berkely Breathed strip from 1978

By 1980 Breathed's style was more established and Steve Dallas had emerged as a regular character:

A Berkely Breathed strip from 1980
By the way, my parents nevered embrassed me this way. God bless 'em!

After his days at UT, Breathed went on to create Bloom County. Occasionally, a little of the edge and social commentary gave way to some warmth.

A Berkely Breathed strip from 1980

Eventually, Bloom County gave way to Outland. Here, Breathed sheds light on the essence of men.

A Berkely Breathed Outland Strip