Chris Ware
   During my early years at the University of Texas there seemed to be a burst of creativity and intellectual mischief.
   One manifestation of that could be found in the comics of the Daily Texas. Berke Breathed, who would go onto fame and fortune with Bloom County, produced a daily strip called Academia Waltz. Later, Sam Hurt would produce Eye Beam.

   Later, the work of Chis Ware appeared. It looked nothing like anything I'd seen in a newpaper and I still have never seen anyone explore/explode the boundaries of the comic strip format the way he did.

Chris Ware Art
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Ware's comic art was rooted in a deep understanding and appreciation of old comics. His ability to blend old and new is is reflected in a hand-drawn postcard from 1988 he sent me in response to some fan mail. While at Texas he produced Floyd Farland: Citizen of the Future and a variety of small works that seem to lack titles and generally defy description. Cover Art of Floyd Farland
So recenty, I was delighted to see Chris Ware get a little attention back in Texas in a story in the Dallas Morning News talking about the succes of his graphic novel Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth. Chris Ware Art
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Chris Ware Art My fondness for Ware's work is hard to explain given its often dark tone. Ware describes this as reality not pessimism. I guess I find comfort in my ability to remain happy despite our worst tendancies.