Ken at Six Flags


That's me in the middle apparently enjoying a fun ride on a goat cart.
I'm not sure why. I don't think it was the raw speed of a goat-driven vehicle or the view.

Me with my Dad

Me with my Mother looking at goats.

Me with my Dad looking as sea lions or seals.

Here I am petting a... goat. What's the deal with goats at Six Flags in 1962?
Obviously, Six Flags managed some kind of volume discount on goats.


Me (#6) riding the Merry-Go-Round


My Father stops to read a sign (just as he stopped to read every historical marker
we passed on every trip we ever took).

During this trip we were on three rides that broke down.
Here we're leaving the tunnel on the Fiesta Train after breing stuck next to the singing monsters for waaay too long (I can still remember the song: "The walls are tumbling...").

Seven years after my first visit and I'm still petting the damn sheep!
(excuse me, the horned sheep).