Graduate Programs in Politics
Pepperdine University - School of Public Policy
University of Akron - Ray C Bliss Institute of Applied Politics
American University - Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies
Forhamd University - Elections & Campaign Management
George Washington University - Graduate School of Political Management
Suffolk University - Masters in Professional Politics

Federal Government
The House of Representatives
The U.S. Senate
Congressional Budget Office
The Library of Congress
The White House
Office of Management and Budget
The US Supreme Court
The Federal Courts
The Internal Revenue Service
The Census Bureau
The Federal Election Commission
The Smithsonian
Consumer Information Center
The National Archives
The U.S. Constitution

Texas/Local Government
The Office of the Governor
The Texas Senate On-Line
The Texas House On-Line
The Texas Constitution On-Line
Texas State Electronic Library
State of Texas Government Information
City of Nacodoches

Texas News/Web Sites
Austin American-Statesman
Houston Chronicle
The Dallas Morning News

National News
The New York Times
The Washington Post
U.S. News & World Report
USA Today

Presidential Libraries, etc.
Hoover Library West Branch, Iowa
Roosevelt Library Hyde Park, New York
Truman Library Independence, Missouri
Eisenhower Library Abilene, Kansas
Kennedy Library Boston, Massachusetts
Johnson Library Austin, Texas
Nixon Library and Birthplace
Nixon Presidential Materials College Park, Maryland
Ford Library & Museum Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Gerald Ford Foundatation
Carter Library Atlanta, Georgia
The Carter Center
Reagan Library Simi Valley, California
The Reagan Foundation
Bush Library College Station, Texas
The George Bush Presidential Library Foundatation
Clinton Library Little Rock, Arkansas
Clinton Project in the National Archives.
The American Presidency Project

Official Party Sites
The Democratic Party
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Senate Democrats
The Republican National Committee
National Republican Congressional Committee
House Republican Conference
The Green Party
The Libertarian Party
The Natural Law Party
The Reform Party

Other Political Information
Election 2000 Archive
Commission on Presidential Debates
The Federal Election Commission
American University Campaign Finance Site
FEC Information Site
C-SPAN On-line
Center for Voting and Democracy

Political Information, discussions, etc.
Conservative/Republican Oriented
Liberal/Democratic Oriented
Electronic Policy Network
The Democracy Network

Campaign Finance
The Federal Election Commission
American University Campaign Finance Site
FEC Information Site
Center for Responsive Politics
The Center for Public Integrity

Sorting Truth from Fiction...
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
C|net's guide to on-line hoaxes
Department of Energy's Guide to Internet Hoaxes
Urban Legends and Folklore
National Institute of Standards and Technology Fact Sheet on 9/11
Journal of Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories

Habitat for Humanity

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