Curriculum Vitae
Kenneth E. Collier
Box 13045 SFA Station
Stephen F. Austin State University
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962
(936) 468-1208

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Courses Taught

Introduction to American PoliticsResearch Methods
Campaigns and ElectionsThe Electoral Process
The Presidency The Presidency
The Presidency of Dwight EisenhowerPolitical Communication
Texas Politics
Political Parties
Political Behavior
Public Opinion


Books (in progress)

Articles and Book Chapters

“Content analysis as rhetorical EEGs of the Presidency,” Communication and Language Analysis in the Public Sphere Roderick P. Hart, editor. IGI Global, 2014, 182-198. “Between the Bushes: The Evolution of Legislative Affairs,” White House Studies, Volume 7: Number 2 (2007).

“Winning Friends and Influencing the People: The President vs. Interest Groups,” with Michael J. Towle, White House Studies, Volume 2: Number 2 (2002).

“Controlando los controles y desequilibrando los equilibrios” in Bárbara A. Driscoll, Silvia Núñez García, and Julián Castro Rea, eds., Los Procesos Electorales en América del Norte en 1994. Mexico City: Centro de Investigaciones Sobre América del Norte, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2000.

“Reconceptualizing Going Public,” with Jeff Cohen, Presidential Policy Making: An End-of-Century Assessment, Steven A. Shull, editor, 1999.

“Behind the Bully Pulpit,” Presidential Studies Quarterly Volume 25 (Summer 1996)

“New Evidence Undercutting the Linkage of Approval with Presidential Support and Influence,” with Terry Sullivan. Journal of Politics 57: 197-209 (February 1995).

“Eisenhower and Congress: The Autopilot Presidency,” Presidential Studies Quarterly 24: 309-326 (Spring 1994).

“A Comparison of Incumbent Security in the House and Senate,” with Michael Munger. Public Choice 78: 145-154 (1994).

“The 1990 Gubernatorial Elections: The Mythical Revolt,” Social Science Quarterly 73: 188-193 (1992).

“The Rationally Uninformed Electorate: Some Experimental Evidence,” with Peter C. Ordeshook and Kenneth C. Williams. Public Choice 60: 3-29 (1989).

“Retrospective Voting: An Experimental Study,” with Richard D. McKelvey, Peter C. Ordeshook and Kenneth C. Williams. Public Choice 53: 101-130 (1987).

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